what size sound card do i need for my VCI-100?
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    Default what size sound card do i need for my VCI-100?

    I went to guitar center but they couldnt help me. This will be my setup

    I will have 2 monitors , a pair of heaphones, a mic and i will want to record my mixes.

    I want to be able to cue without it being played out loud

    I wont be doing large clubs anytime soon. but ill be doing house parties and the largest maybe a gym at the moment.

    do i need a 2 in 2 out or 4 in 4 out.

    any recommendations?

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    2 in 2 out should work. Just make sure it has a Mic in and a headphone out.

    For example, my Audio 8 is 8 in 8 out (4 sets of stereo pairs) with MIDI in/out, headphone out and a mic in.
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    ok ok so i'm brand new at this.
    i have a audio 4 sound card, what speakers should i use, is there an adapter i can use so it can plug the red and yellow into a 3.5jack?? if so where do you get one, pisss

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    LeMercy, why don't you start a new thread with more details so we can better answer your question. "What speakers should I use" is a pretty huge question and depends on a lot of things. Are you going to be playing some sort of event?
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