Anyone on here any good at repairing amplifiers? I managed to pick up a faulty Denon AVR1906 cheaply, but it's stuck in a protect loop due to a blown channel.

I've removed all the duff components but unfortunately it's still tripping the protect for some reason; I'm guessing one of the blown components is REQUIRED to prevent the protect status, I just can't be certain of that. If it isn't, then I've clearly overlooked something else which has blown :-\

Here's the circuit diagram:

Clicky for biggy.

The S/L channel has blown, so I've removed the Darlington pair and bias transistors (Q101SL, Q102SL and Q103SL), along with R105SL and R111SL.

Also blown were C182 and R184, which I suspect are the components preventing the unit from powering up, but I can't be certain. If anyone has any (relatively constructive ) input, I'd really appreciate it