Your favorite use of Traktor Pro effects?
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    Default Your favorite use of Traktor Pro effects?

    I've realized I only use about 10% of the available effects and probably half of that number effectively.
    While I love using Ean's mapping with the Fader FX for buildups (Beatmasher + Delay), I find myself using the advanced Delay and Freeze more often.
    What are some of your favorites, for whatever reasons?

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    Advanced delay for tempo changes has been fantastic ... I don't play anything with hugely long intros or breakdowns so some of the others leave me a little dead.
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    Keeping the wet/dry around 50% or less and sparingly depending on how many drinks i've had:

    Gater: on x/y pad to spontaneously chop up some flowing synth to enhance its melody, or similiar to delay send the buildup haywire just before the drop.
    Flanger: crank a 4 beat burst before a bassdrop (trance)
    Delay: to acheive a drumroll effect or send an existing drumroll effect into overdrive (freeze for 4 beats then restore for a nice little cut in energy and a hard hit)
    Reverb: make the breakdown melodies echo or make a vocal sound a bit more epic.
    Mulholland drive: for that rare electric guitar solo in trance to make it sound a bit distorted and grungy.

    Thats all I really use, started to play with the beatmasher a bit which is fun, I tend to just use the High/Low pass deck filters instead of the other filters now and I use them in combination with the above effects.
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    I am into jamming 2 Psy trax together and using the Beatmasher on the non dominant one.

    Makes for cool pseudo leads etc.

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    -beatmasher for altering beats slightly
    -delay for an echo effect, using freeze and the FRR button is pretty cool
    -flanger and phaser for build ups
    -gater to cut out things I dont want to hear when mixing two tracks
    - gater & phaser or gater and filter LFO sounds pretty cool when used right
    -reverb for the obvious
    Thats about it for me. Theres alot of effects I dont bother to use.
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    Gater, reverb and reverse grain chained in the first slot + delay T3 in advanced are my bread & butter

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    When people are saying freeze im totally lost lol.... Is this just an effect someones renamed on TSP or is it a totally different program because i cant find any effect called freeze

    Anyways i use
    *Beatmasher (Probably the most used in my arsenal of effects haha)
    *Gater(Helping to transition or add that little extra something especially good for build ups!)
    *Flanger(Can be very helpful on build ups "Sometimes" haha)
    *Turntable effect (you can actually do some cool things with that hehe )
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    Chained FX: Beatslicer+Delay on my Nanopad x/y with Iceverb on an encoder on the VCI-100

    Beatmasher+Gater on the x/y with Mulholland drive on the VCI
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    I'd use the delay and reverb freeze if i could come up with a better mapping for them on the otus.

    otherwise, i like the gate and tpro delay in various saturations add some nice texture when i'm blending in a bare synth lead or hi hat. i also like using these to disguise well-known melodies before blending into their recognizable songs.

    a looooong phaser is also quite nice at low saturations over passages without any drums.

    i'm going to experiment more, but there are a handful of effects which i cannot sympathise with at any wet/dry amount. the flanger comes to mind, but i remember also removing about two-thirds of the effects from my drop down lists.

    i also haven't touched the beatmasher in well over a year.

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