Recommend me some European Clubs!
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    Default Recommend me some European Clubs!

    Hi everyone,

    A friend and myself will be backpacking through Europe over summer and are doing the typical touristy spots. I was wondering if you had any nightclubs/bars/lounges/hidden gems you would recommend for a colorful night time experience. Just list a name, the style of music, and what made it special. We enjoy all types of house/electro/deep/(whatever!) music, as long as it has a nice beat, we are open to anything.

    We will be staying in each of these locations:

    1. Paris
    2. Dublin
    3. London
    4. Amsterdam
    5. Berlin
    6. Venice
    7. Florence
    8. Rome
    9. Cinque Terre
    10. Barcelona

    Thanks in advance

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    Berlin is hands down the best city for clubbing, but i have to add i am not a local so i probably only know the touristy stuff, but here is where i go when i'm in berlin:
    - tresor (quite known but awesome location, it doesn't get more underground than that location-wise, wednesday nights is when i go there, music: techno and techhouse)
    - kater holzig (from the same dudes that ran the legendary bar 25, awesome pumping deep house sounds. Check out their label "katermukke")
    - watergate (a bit more commercial, but always very nice lineups, mostly deep and tech house, nice location next to the "spree")
    - weekend (only really nice if their rooftop is open, if you are there during summer check their program to see if there is any rooftop openair party)
    And last but not least:
    - berghain/panorama bar (most famous berlin nightclub, but still my favorite. Techno at berghain, house at panorama bar (upstairs). Open on friday nights and saturday night till monday morning. Would recommend going as late as possible on a saturdaynight or maybe even on daytime on a sunday to reduce waittimes and best chances to get in. Said to have the hardest door policy of all clubs but i personally never had problems getting in)

    Enjoy your trip, and if you plan on visiting switzerland i can definately give you some more recommendations
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    those all sound wonderful! thanks for the heads up, I will start looking them up

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    When you're in London head to Ministry, Fabric etc. Standard big name clubs

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    Trouw in Amsterdam, it just got a 24 hour license

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    Just go to Resident Advisor and see whats on in each of those cities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volpe View Post
    - berghain/panorama bar (most famous berlin nightclub, but still my favorite. Techno at berghain, house at panorama bar (upstairs).
    There's a quote which somewhat goes like this : "in Berghain, house sounds like techno and techno sounds out of this world". I've yet to attend and verify

    As far as Paris is concerned-

    *Serious, pure house and techno action at the Concrete parties, happening every few sundays all day long on a boat. There might be one coming your way ! Lots of hype and people, too loud, but quite the experience nonetheless. Very Berghain/Pbar in the lineups.

    *Housier and cosier, Sundae parties on, you guessed it, sunday afternoons in the summer when the weather permits. It had already begun by this time last year so... still waiting.
    Lower profile acts and more locals than at the other listed events, but carefully selected by true lovers of the art. Great atmosphere.
    Takes place on the docks just meters away from the Concrete location (not on the same days).

    *There's always the Rex club, typically pure house/techno but open to newer styles too.
    Great sound system.

    *La Machine Du Moulin Rouge has a few rooms, not all of which are used on electronic nights. But when such nights happen, the new people in charge get some serious stuff there. Good house and techno then.

    *Showcase below a bridge on the south bank. Good lineups, most commercial or poppy if you prefer of the bunch - BUT - posh youth crowd and matching prices it seems...

    *Social Club for your more "EDM" needs. Tron-influenced neon decor. Haven't been there in years, and that was for one of the oddball house nights they do every now and then.
    I still remember it as the place who had Feadz (Ed Banger) and Theo Parrish billed on the same night... what were they thinking?

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    If you're in London try to check out Koko, it's a gorgeous venue, lots of history and really of my favourite places to play.
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    I went to Club Duplex in Paris when I was there.

    Pretty nice. Extremely big. Typical EDM music.

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    Slimelight in London, but you might have difficulties getting in... last time I went there it was members-only.
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