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    Default Sharing is caring

    This is a remix I made for "Your Addiction" by Duelle. Hope it pleases your ears.

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    Default I'm ACTUALLY a bit concerned about this remix....

    I am a bit conserned about my Remix. I am the only one out if the 30 plus tracks; If anyone made one who uses this forum I'm not calling you out. I seriously think I missed something. I have heard that didn't keep the same structure or use the verse like they are in the song. I just picked a few phrases. To top it off I didn't use the songs instrument elements.

    SERIOUSLY I'm not bragging like "LOOK AT ME IM AWESOME MADE MY OWN TRACK' I am actually worried I ruined the song since I didn't stay true to the structure. Especially since I'm not a remixer.
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    You already had this thread for the remix mate, no need to open a new one.

    Dubstep isn't my thing so I won't comment on the track itself. All I can say is that there is nothing wrong with breaking the original structure, it's part of the fun of remixing.

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    Aww damn my bad. I totally forgot. Probably not a good way to start my posting with two same threads.

    I will take that advice and run with it. Makes me feel a bit better as if my track can hold up.
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    Pretty heavy bro, keep it up man

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetsMandy View Post
    Pretty heavy bro, keep it up man
    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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    the vocal samples are out of key at times, and sometimes too long so they overlap/mask other elements (like before the first drop and after 2:50 there's too much going on). Other than that, this track isn't bad though.
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