Numark Mixtrack and headphone problems.
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    Default Numark Mixtrack and headphone problems.

    Hi im struggling with an illness atm and going thru Chemo i had a real problem with my benefits but managed to get some backdated, so i bought a Numark Mixtrack and a camera that records in HD.
    I cantwork atm so im looking for something positive that will take my mind off things, i want to do some mixes as i used to DJ at free raves in 91-95 and make some videos and put them on youtube.

    The problem im having is with the headphones as a monitor, the way i have set up my HDTV,PC and Surround sound is i have my sound from the PC going into the sony HDTV thru the HDMI cable from the radeon 5850 graphics card, ive then plugged the logitech 5.1 surround sound set into the HDTV's headphone socke, that way i can use the TV remote to control the sound from the PC.

    I have a normal set of headphones with 3.5mm jack and also a nice USB PC Headset that i wanted to use as a monotor, is there any way i can do this it would make a frustrated DJ very happy.


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    As for your audio issue. Do u have an audio interface? That would make things much easier. Maybe make your computers output go straight to the surround sound. When you have a makeshift setup it can make things more difficult but that's how most everyones setup starts anyway. You might just have to practice waveriding and find out your cue in spots and mix without a headphone monitor. Also mess around in ur audio drivers control panel. I used to have to route my traktor software thru my ASIO4ALL driver and then configure it in the ASIO4ALL's control panel (my configuring was using pressing buttons till I got the desired effect). Hopefully this helps in some way
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    The easiest way is to get a sound card. A dj io or NI audio 2 would work. Look on your local buy and sell, and you should be able to find one cheap.

    Someone else here might know a workaround to run audio, and headphone cue from your PC, but I'm pretty sure you need a soundcard.
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