[Other] Broviet Union Podcast anyone wanna Guest mix? :)
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    Red face Broviet Union Podcast anyone wanna Guest mix? :)

    Hey guys My name is BrosephStalin I was born in Russia,but then my parents decided to move to the states all the way to Arkansas... lol yeah, I have been mixing music for about 1 year and where I live kinda doesn't have the best Electronic Dance Music scene, So I decided to start a podcast and soon a broadcast to help the scene grow with more knowledge of different types of EDM, Im doing this all for the love and passion of the music and to spread it as much as I can and also meet other DJ's and Producers and what not , I love meeting and conversing with new People,other DJ's,Producers,ect. if you're interested in doing a guest mix just PM me and ill get back to you ASAP I do a new EP. every thursday or Friday.

    Thank you and happy mixing (#^-^#)





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    Welcome to DJTT!

    If you wrap your mixcloud links in mixcloud tags, you'll get an embedded player.

    Also, posting tracklists and download links for mixes encourages people to listen and give feedback.
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