Clean ups
As DJ Techtools is ever expending, more and more people are posting. This isn't too bad a thing!
What is bad is that users will not always find what they are looking for, through all the clutter that is piling up.
Because of this, we will be more radical in locking/deleting double posts. Don't feel offended if this happens, it happens for a good reason.
(Please don't hit us up when it happens though, reasons are mostly provided at time of action.)
Also, if you want to help us out, feel free to use the report button, if you feel a topic/thread is unneeded, offensive, a double post, et cetera.

Tighter moderation
A new trend seems to be, that the overal tone of people posting here has become more and more grim.
Where DJ Techtools used to be a fun loving and geeky tech sharing community, these days people seem to be in it for composure, where people are told off harsh for not having the same mindset.
More and more flamewars are started and bitterly ended by intervention of moderators.
As written earlier in this message, this trend needs to cease.

Therefore the moderator team will take it upon them to uphold the forum more firmly.
Sorry to see this happen, but timeouts and bans will become more and more frequent used measures.
If this happens to you, you will be provided why you were given a time out, or why you were banned.

Once again, feel free to report members behaving badly, by badmouthing other members, or conducting gross misconduct.

New Mod
With the increasing number of members, we also felt the need to increase our Moderator Team .

For this we have adopted SmiTTTen to our midst. Please join us in welcoming him, and giving this Blighty Scribe a hand!

Regards, and let's push things forward!

On behalf of the Admin and Mod Team,