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    Default black vci 100+tks advice

    Hi there, I have just purchased a black vci 100 (v1.2) for use with traktor 3.4 while i wait for the special edition ean golden (1.3) package to be released can anyone reccomend a "best" tks file with an explanation of each control so that I can learn to fully utilise the equipment for the time being, whilst i am an experianced dj I am very new to this midi controller. Thanks in advance for any advice

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    here's what i did: i've had my vci-100 for about a week....

    first thing i did was download the vestax default, you can get it and a how to from:

    the one in the example if for traktor 3.3, i imagine it works with 3.4 too.

    i played with it for a couple days like that. getting the hang of it... etc.

    then i saved it, started with a blank tks and i've been building from scratch ever since - learning as i go from this very site. i've tried all of ean's tips / tricks and figured which i like and which i don't.

    right now i'm rocking a built from scratch layout (not complete) using the cdj style joggs and the beat mash assign that i activate with the "vinyl mode" button. i'm building my whole tks around this concept. i could just download eans and figure it out, but i like building it from scratch.

    so yeah. long story short download the vestax default, play around with it until you figure out how you want them - then start assigning to yours hearts desire. learning to assign is super easy and i pretty much figured the concept out in a few hours. learning all the traktor jargon and remembering how to get things done is hard though.


    i heavily suggest getting all your favorite tracks beatgridded (hehe) as you play and figure it out:

    also learn how to assign cues at the same time:

    this way when you get the SE update, you'll be ready to rock.
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