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    Simply put,

    Music (duh!)
    -a concise, well put together body of work that describes you (key word = concise)
    -for productions, well mixed. Nobody wants to listen to low quality regardless how amazing the music is (2013, no excuses)

    Contact Info:
    -Soundcloud, click, bandcamp whatever. If they like your stuff you want to be easily accessible

    I think those two are the MOST important, the manner in which you present it is up to you.

    Face-To-Face meetings, and knowing how to conduct yourself in one has got to be one of the most important facets to being a new, up and comer. If you can sell yourself, without sounding desperate you're good. This has been on of the things that really helped me when I first started in hip-hop production.

    If you have a Bio on your site, or in your PK...make sure it's well written. Remember, as a DJ/Musician you're a brand. Anything that's done is poor taste, or sloppily directly reflects your brand's image.

    That's all I could think of for now.

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    I'm a big advocate for putting in track markers just when you start mixing... chances are if have done your groundwork right the promoter listening to your mix will know most of the tunes but they will want to hear your transitions.. If ever I had to do that with a single track mix I found someone else instead who took half an hour to put in markers. Don't kid yourself no-one will listen to your mix throughout on the first listen, you will maybe get 10 minutes of their time to impress them, if they like it then you will get a proper listen.

    Lastly always make the mix suit the set you are trying to get. set the mood at the start & don't play bangers until the end! If you include a tracklist they will know what's coming so there is no need to rush at the start. Don't try to be too eclectic.. chances are you are applying for an established successful night with a crowd who know what they like and the manager/promoter won't want to risk losing what they already have. That doesn't mean you cant put your own style into a genre as there is lots of sub-genres of anything you can think of, but don't play tech-house, electro, commercial at an underground techno club and visca versa, stick with the mood of the night.
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