Ok I have been getting tremendously frustrated trying to search for a solution and unfortunately have found nothing so far, hopefully someone here can help! I am attempting to connect my ipad to my win 7 laptop to help control traktor, but can't get it to work for some reason. Here's the equipment I have and the requirements I need...
Win 7 64 bit Samsung laptop
Ipad running 6.1.3
iPhone 6.1.3
Touchosc on ipad and iPhone
Touchosc bridge on laptop
Pure data on laptop
I require a low latency and a reliable connection
Therefor going through a router or a club's network it out of the question
I don't mind using a wired connection if necessary
Jailbreaking is not an option unfortunately due to my iOS devices running 6.1.3
My iPhone does have the personal hotspot, but I can't seem to sent signals to the pc through that network
I've tried as hoc but can't get my iPhone or ipad to connect to it
I've seen iRig but didn't know if it would be a proper solution and didn't want to waste $70 if it didn't.

Thank you in advance for your help!