[Other] Maxted Live on Urban FM TV 29/5/2013 - Bass, Deep House & Hiphop
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    Default Maxted Live on Urban FM TV 29/5/2013 - Bass, Deep House & Hiphop

    I have a weekly show on www.urbanfmtv.com, every wednesday at 6pm - 8pm GMT.

    This weeks show was a bit different, i usually play straight up future bass vibes, this time i played about 2 and a half hours, from deep house to hiphop.

    So this is the recording of wednesdays show;


    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Stream + D/L:

    Her Beautiful Blue Eyes (Original mix) By Azeriff x Kolorz
    Remember Us (Rooflight Remix) By Delete
    Manthra By Trilapse
    Rift By Pariah
    New Element (Made's Neck Back Remix) By Concrete Collective
    Seuture By Axiom Crux
    Land of the Blind By Bledbox
    Shake Up (feat. Zeb McQueen) By High Tone & Brain Damage
    Broken By GLOOM
    SEMPRE By Sango
    L.M.A By J. LOUIS
    Red By Sai
    Blindspot (Opal Block remix) By Submotion Orchestra
    Pipette By The rurals
    M.E.A.N.D.N.J.B. By Moodyman
    The Loon's Groove By Smallpeople
    Put a curse on you remix By Wodoo Wolcan
    Samsfav By Flying Lotus
    The Start of Your Ending (41st Side) By Mobb Deep
    Renaissance 2.0 (feat. HellRazah, Tragedy Khadafi & Timbo King) By R.A. The Rugged Man
    Get On The Mic (Original 12'' Remix) By Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    Ice Cream (Featuring Ghost Face Killer , Method Man And Cappachino) By RAEKWON
    Starlight feat. Roots Manuva By The Herbaliser
    De La Soul: Stakes Is High (Feat. Mos Def & Truth Enola) (Remix) By J Dilla
    This Year By MHZ
    Never No More By Souls of Mischief
    Smokiní that shit By KMD
    Music Man By Masta Ace
    Cock the Hammer By Cypress Hill
    Smoken By The Quakers
    Mon Amie De'troit (7" Version) By Tall Black Guy
    How it goes By Genesis Elijah
    Animal Planet By Cryptic One
    Go With the Flow By MF Doom
    Time Difference ft J-Live (Marc Mac Remix) By Homecut
    Where My Heart's At (WT In THe Days Of Old remix) By Wax Tailor
    Ill Culinary Behaviour By DJ Format featuring Abdominal
    Genie in a Bottle (Buy the Lunch) By Grip Grand
    Rump Shaker By Wreckx-N-Effect
    The Fun Razor By J-live
    Keepiní The Faith By De La Soul
    After The Show feat. The Scale Breakers (Produced by Metty The Dert Merchant) By
    The Mighty Apos feat. The Scale Breakers
    Basic instinct By Ghost
    Something 2 dance 2 By Nwa
    Fix Your Face By Apathy, Celph Titled
    End Of The Road By Boca 45
    Starts of with a bit of Bass/Dubstep, goes into some deep/soulful house vibes - then about 90 minutes of straight up Hiphop

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    Live tomorrow 6pm - 8pm GMT at http://urbanfmtv.com/index.php?do=/live-studio/

    Tune in guys, expect Dub Reggae, dnb, hiphop and bass to the face!

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