[Electro] Deep & Bass Mix (Deep house/Electro/Breaks)
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    Default Deep & Bass Mix (Deep house/Electro/Breaks)

    Mix of deep house building up into electro and breaks from 115BPM to 132BPM. If anyone wants a track ID ask in the comments.

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    Fat Fly (Kreature Remix) - 16 Bit Lolitas
    Threads - Chymera
    Kickback - Denney
    Soest - Denney
    You Come In The Night (Lullaby Mix) - Alene Barret Feat. Connie Greco
    The Gurner (Danny Daze Remix) - Justin Martin, PillowTalk
    Unleashed - Prok & Fitch
    Adrum Drum - Savage Skulls
    One Time 4 Me - Agent K
    Shutterbug (Stanton Warriors Re F*ck) - Big Boi
    Egotripping - Bonsai Kat
    Rigastyle (Crazy Saw Mix) - Matthew Nagle
    Predator Clan - Electric Soulside
    Ninga Ganja Bass - Pasha Joint and Andrey Mute
    Still Here (Bounce Funk Mix) - Stanton Warriors
    Music Sounds Better With You (Mafia Kiss Re-Bounce) - Stardust

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