I've had a look around here and elsewhere, but so far no go.

Are you about to mod your VCI-100? A full-scale rebuild as might be required by the arcade mod, or such as those where we've seen the addition or replacement of faders?

I'd love to see a full teardown of the unit, from whoa-to-go. Each screw that's pulled; what it looks like before a panel is remove, what is looks like after; etc.

I can only really speak for myself, but I may suggest others too are hesitant about cracking open their units, for all the money they paid. This would be great not just for the preparation of modding our own units - but for the more adventurous of us - pre-planning custom chassis in which to stuff the innards of a VCI-100 to get a new layout.

As an example, I've got two units and would love see these modded as A+C and B+D in a portrait orientation to reflect TSP.


If anyone has the time and inclination, you've got one troll that'd be happy to see the results posted (maybe even as an article?? Or even turned into a manual that can be provided to compliment whatever instructions may be provided with the mod kit as sold by DJTT).