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Thread: Xbox one or Ps4

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    Default Xbox one or Ps4

    whats your poison?

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    Its not even a question hahah. Xbox one if you dont game at all and want someone you can yell at and a ps4 if you want to game on a console.

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    Oh this thread will get interesting. Or inevitably locked lol

    I have a 360, and love it, but when my last one died, I was considering a PS3. I hate having to pay for online, and there aren't any xbox only games I care about. Only problem was, I had a stack of games, so I got another 360. Now with the new systems, I'm going to get a PS4. Free online, no online check-ins, I can play games at my friends house without fear of the copywrite police kicking down my door, and I can buy used games from wherever I please. That, and I don't need a TV tuner.
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    PS4 doesn't have free online...
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    I laugh at the fact everyone is basing their opinions on the small amount of info, and zero experience on said consoles - THAT AREN'T EVEN OUT YET.

    It's like asking which you prefer to play on X1 first version or second? We don't know until the product is released.

    Too many fanboys from either side of this 'console war' are getting wrapped up in MS and Sony's marketing - but you only know which is better for you when you play on them, learn their features.

    Plus, if you're a true gamer, you don't make choices, you just buy them both - I would hate to think I'm missing out on exclusive titles for one. That has always been my thinking behind consoles - might as well have them all so you've got all entertainment bases covered!
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    Yep, got all current console except Wii U.

    Will probably get both PS and Microsoft's offerings.

    Laughable that people are saying playing online is free on PSN. It is just now, but apparently wont be next gen. Anyway, MS is only a small amount to play online each year, and Live is WAAAAYYYYY better for online play than PSN.

    But yeah, I will have both. This time round, I bought games on 360, and only exclusive PS titles fro PS3. We'll see how it goes next time round, but unless Sony pick up their game with their online service, or they undercut the xbox one by a considerable margin (meaning my gaming friends get the PS4 over the Xbox One), I will likely stick with the MS offering again.
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