[Drum and Bass] My first mix I really need comments!!!
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    Default My first mix I really need comments!!!

    Hey lads

    This is one of my first sets i pulled of on my pc . Can you please tell if its good what's bad, on what do I have to pay attention.

    I thank you very much if you would take your time to listen to this mix and give a comment/rating

    Greetings Dilemma.

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    Ok there's a good few things here that need addressing;

    1. Embed the mix into the forum thread properly (i.e. so there's a player on this page, not just a soundcloud link).

    2. In the intro, you've got bits coming in all over the place, a new element in the mix needs to be placed after a suitable multiple of 4 bars (usually 8 or 16 bars).

    3. Have you used a master tick on Traktor or something? Because I think something like that has come through in the recording for the first few minutes. It might be on the track though as I'm not familiar with them.

    4. The first few minutes seem a little clashy, but the mix actually gets a LOT better after about 5:30.
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    Player fixed.
    Dilema in future please post mixes under 30 minutes in length in THIS thread please. Welcome to DJTT
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