[Techno] Trancy Deep Techno Track - Very first production
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    Default Trancy Deep Techno Track - Very first production

    Hey Everybody.

    I finished my very first track and i wanted to spread it out, to get some feedback, which would be really nice,
    because i'm still unsure about some things.

    thanks in advance.

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    Default wow

    For your first production, that sounds fantastic.

    I like the raw intro. Very cool and I don't hear a track start like that often enough. When the beat drops, I instantly jump onboard the excitement train. You have a VERY good ear for mixing. I really like how refined the drums sound.

    I wanted the groove to change though at about 1:10ish.. and was really hoping for a change at 1:30, so basically I would try to get to 1:50 FASTER if possible. Or add a big melody to it to keep it interesting.

    2:18 is beautiful and not what I expected. The contrast from the slightly filthy, rugged intro is awesome. I love it especially at 2:55 when the filter goes away and it gets more staccato/short-noted. Awesome break.

    3:20 could be WAY more epic. The bass that drones in is fantastic but I think you could make this part better by using white noise sweeps / cymbal FX / samples, whatever. Just something more.

    I find 5:51 is way more exciting than the 32 bars that come before it. The outro is TIGHT. Well done in general.

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