I got my Novation 25SL MkII today and am trying to make a nice MIDI mapping for it. I'm currently running Traktor Pro 1.1.1 with it. A couple of questions that turned up while playing around:

1) Synchronizing Lights. I have assigned the buttons below the faders to play / pause of all four decks (button 1 = play/pause for deck 1, etc.). Works nicely on the hardware, but doesn't sync with Traktor.

I'd like the button to light up when I press "play" in Traktor and would like it to become dim, when I stop the track in traktor or when it simply runs out.

2) BPM Indication. Going a step further, an idea I just had. Is it possible to make one of the buttons light up in sync to the MIDI clock? Like a Tempo indicator?

3) Automap. I've already opened a ticket with Novation about this but just in case... Do you know how I can make Automap 3.1 recognize Traktor Pro or the other way round? Right now, I can use the keyboard only in "advanced" (=manual) mode, which means for example not having the button captions in the LCD display.

4) Any advice on where to put the effects / the looping section? Using the pots for EQ / Filter, the faders for volume / x-fade and the buttons below the faders for play / cue seems to make a lot of sense. But where to put looping and effects?

Besides that, having a MIDI controller is a lot of fun and I really like the Novation hardware.