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    Love this album! Been listening to Pretty Lights for years. I really like the direction he went with this one.

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    Griz and Gramatik both throw down. Got to see Gramatik live twice and It is a killer show.

    I would also recommend manic focus. Recently some publication did an article on artists similar to pretty lights. It was an interesting read, I'll see if I can find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tha Gooch View Post
    I know some of you guys are local so I thought I'd post this in case you want to get your vinyl signed and see him do a live set for free at Amoeba.

    I'd be there if I could. Last free thing I went to at Amoeba was to see Numark. I got there late and was disappointed so I started digging to cheer me up when I noticed the guy to my left was Akil and the guy on my right was Cut Chemist of J5 fame. I don't get star struck often but I kinda felt like a 7 year old girl standing next to Justin Beiber, heh. So go, you never know who'll will show up.
    Yup, yup! Got mine signed. I was in Palm Springs visiting my fam, found out about the show last minute and got there right when the show started.

    Quote Originally Posted by noah1i8 View Post
    not a big fan of the new album as a whole. I think the making of the album ended up being more interesting than the album itself... seems to be a theme as of late *cough*daft punk*cough*

    Quote Originally Posted by djproben View Post
    I can't believe I missed this. Saw it posted on facebook after it was over; there was a photo of a long ass line, heh. Would have loved to check it out!
    The line actually only had about 30-40 people in it! I was digging during the performance instead of standing in the crowd. Got my hands on the vinyl for $33, then I picked up some new releases and the Zomby 4LP set
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Asand View Post

    Yup, yup! Got mine signed. I was in Palm Springs visiting my fam, found out about the show last minute and got there right when the show started.

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    I recognize the drummer from the band Lettuce (Adam Deitch) and a couple other guys in the studio:

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