F1 vs. Launchpad vs. APC 20 vs. APC 40 for Traktor Pro 2.6.2 Remix Decks Update
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    Default F1 vs. Launchpad vs. APC 20 vs. APC 40 for Traktor Pro 2.6.2 Remix Decks Update

    Hi, I am a beginner DJ using Traktor Pro 2 who is finally transitioning from 2 track decks to 2 track decks + 2 remix decks. I've been saving up money for a Traktor F1 for some time, but with the recent Traktor Pro 2.6.2 update that allows for individual remix deck slots to be mapped to other controllers, I don't know if the F1 is still worth it.

    I know software is more important than hardware, but I have a pretty strict budget, so I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm trying to use remix decks to store loops from my songs and to cue instant gratification sounds and drums. I may also extend to producing in the near future. Here are my current options:

    One major factor for me is how fast the buttons on each of these can be pressed, since I may be using it for production and drums while DJ-ing.

    The (prices) are the lowest used ones that I can find locally in the SF Bay Area that are in good condition.

    1) Traktor F1 ($100): I know one limitation is that it's tough to control 2 remix decks with only one F1 because there aren't too many buttons. I could always buy this for $100 and sell it on eBay or Guitar Center for more.

    2) Launchpad/Launchpad S ($90/$160): I like this one because it has so many buttons. The main problem is that it doesn't have any volume sliders, which I've heard are valuable.

    3) APC 20 ($90): This one has the volume sliders, but there aren't as many buttons as the Launchpad and the buttons aren't as big. The buttons are 8x5 for a total of 40. If I were controlling Remix Deck C and Remix Deck D, there'd be a lot of scrolling through pages.

    4) APC 40 ($150): The same perks and problems as the APC 20, but there are the additional knobs on the side. Are these worth the $60 upgrade?

    I'm so overwhelmed with all of these choices and have no idea what I should do. Any help would be great. I'm pretty good at mapping and will be custom-mapping which ever one I do buy, so I'll be sure to share that on the forum in the near future!

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    From your menu probably pick APC20. All that controls makes sense to use for remix deck mappings.

    Other than that the Livid BASE looks great for Djing, controllerism and production.
    You can set side buttons to four banks via firmware or you could use modifiers in traktor. The pads are velocity sensitive and display RGB colors.

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    If you're looking to use the remix decks, just go for the F1. Don't overlook the colors.

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