Syncing Traktor to Ableton... How can I make this work???
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    Default Syncing Traktor to Ableton... How can I make this work???

    Hi Guys... I need some advice??!!?!

    I have Traktor Pro on an Macbook which I use with my Denon DN X-1600, now that's all good and works fine but I have had an idea about using Ableton with my existing setup on a seperate laptop so myself and my buddy who I DJ with can get up to all kinds of madness.

    So I looked into what I can use and as my mixer has a midi out port (din plug) and a send midi clock function I bought a EMU Midi 1x1 Tab, usb midi interface, and this has 2 din plugs 1 for midi in and the other for midi out, then at the other end is the usb connection.

    I have the midi clock from Traktor already synced to my mixer so I thought I could just use the "send midi clock" function on the mixer to send it through to the laptop with Ableton (which I don't have much experience with but still), I have looked at online tutorials, set the interface up in Ableton, but still nothing, it shows in there and I have the "sync" function turned on in the preferences menu but nothing is happening.

    Have any of you guys any experience with setting this kind of thing up or have you had any issues of this nature, I've got to the end of my knowledge with this and could really use some help...

    Thanks in advance...


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    A few of us have tried this type of set-up with mixed resuts.

    The problem is, Live doesn't follow midi clock very well.

    Mad Zach has a pretty good work around using a midi delay to manually beat-match...

    Anyway - this is the article that you're interested in:

    Let us know how you get on...
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