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    Having passed his childhood by playing with tapes and records, DJ MUSTAFA OZCAN had always showed how he was curious about the job. He felt the electronic music love rising inside of himself; however, he started to follow up the music market through radio, record companies and magazines since there had not been internet yet in that period.
    He took action by performing as Light Jockey in important places of night life in Izmir, Cesme and Kusadasi in high school years to learn the job onsite. Having had the opportunity of working with many DJs and musicians having top level music knowledge and culture, DJ MUSTAFA OZCAN commenced to take stage with his original mixing technique by synthesizing required knowledge with his music love available inside his soul.
    Started firstly by playing progressive house, tribal house and commercial music styles, DJ MUSTAFA OZCAN has been maintaining his music love with tech-house, minimal, deep house and funk music styles via his experiences and views since 2001.
    He is always being appreciated as he gives importance to fluency and composition integrity thanks to his communication and analysis talent. He has taken stage primarily in Istanbul and Izmir besides New York in many clubs and still continues to be on the stage successfully by considering his job as a lover.

    Here are some of the clubs/places in which he has performed as a guest or resident jockey and music director: Off Pera , On Lounge , Su Ada , Clinic , On Numara Maçka , Hayal Kahvesi Beyoğlu , Kiki , Sapphire Levent , Heaven 7 , Topaz , City's , Gaja , Divan Kurucesme , Punk Royal , Hypnose , Faith , Ex Club , Club Ecstasy , Another , Rio , Pegasus , Cuba Beach Club.

    Some of names he played at same stage : Murat Uncuoğlu , U.F.U.K. , Ferhat Albayrak , 7-Erhan , Jon Rundell , FC Stefano , Umut Akalın , Soul Power , Ahmet Sendil , Fuchs , Dogukan Ires , Unal Akgun , Ozan Samiloglu , Suat Atesdagli , Tolga Murat , Nevzat Aydin , DJ Mourad

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