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    I just got the traktor pro overlay and every thing seems to haved lined up perfectly but the effect knobs. The overlay nudges them from the left side, any ideas, should i maybe try to score it with a razor? thanks in advance

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    mine fitted without a problem, should just fit nicely. Maybe yours is faulty? if you can score witha razor than give it a try, but i would speak to DTT support first.

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    make sure you follow the overlay instructions carefully in this video:


    it sounds like you didn't put the overlay on straight. If you cant fix the problem with a slight cut then let us know and we can send you out a new one!

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    i figured it out.. i did score it *but very very lightly* and that was all i needed ,it was like 1/32 of a inch offset but enough to make the knobs turn a little funny.

    Btw- ean great overlay and thanks for all the support you give us cheers

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