Getting gig's in a small town and opinions on emailing venues
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    Default Getting gig's in a small town and opinions on emailing venues

    I live in a small town 30 minutes outside of baltimore with primarily a country and classic rock scene being pushed at the local bars in the area. As an amateur DJ i primarily play house, trance, and breaks and im finding it hard to find a venue to start out with in my area. Does anyone have any tips on getting gigs in "electro un-friendly" areas?

    Also i have seen a lot of bars in my area have a link on there website for entertainers in the area to apply to play at the bar. Im wondering what peoples opinions of emailing potential venues is or what peoples experience with doing it is. Im taking a college course this summer and it would certainty help save time if it was a viable option.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Try making a mix, putting that on a cd and give that to people at the venue (in person) together with something like a business card.

    Disclaimer: I've been trying this myself but it hasn't really worked yet

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