Intro (Feel free to scroll down to question) :

Hey everyone. I'm Graham and I've been passionate about music and even making music for a while. I'm in college now and still have an interest in DJing and producing. Ever since middle school I had a talent for making songs and beats in my Music class.

Now that I am grown up, I have only become more determined to produce.

So here's where I need help....

I would like to know what equipment I should get. (yes I'm beginning but I don't want a set up that I'll have to update within 2 years).

I've looked into native instruments products like Traktor and Maschine. Are these good?

I'm into Electronic, House, and Dubstep Music.
Artists I like include; Madeon, Avicii, Adventure Club, Pretty Lights, Sound Remedy, Flux Pavillion, and Chase and Status... etc.

I was thinking of a set up similar to this:

Madeon Pop Culture Live Mashup


If you guys could give me a few different set up styles and programs you think would fit this music style best that would be great. (on a side note, not looking to spend thousands to get the 'ultimate/ complete' setup)

Thanks for the help!