HELP! Connection Turntables + Audio 6 + Speakers
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    Default HELP! Connection Turntables + Audio 6 + Speakers

    I have a set of KRK rokit 5s, two technics 1210s and a Traktor S4 at the moment but am moving to a proper mixer and DVS setup using an Audio 6.

    At the moment I route my turntables into the S4, and then output audio from my S4 to KRK Rokit's using 1/4 balanced jacks.


    I understand I route the two turntables through the audio 6/mixer which sends the signals to my laptop. But do I then output audio to my speakers from the mixer or from the audio 6?

    Also I presume I am going to need new cables to output to the speakers, if I output from the mixer I presume XLR cables would be the one?

    Thanks! Sorry if this is a silly question I just need to make sure!

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    You want to plug your speakers into the mixer, The rokit's have a trs and an rca input, most mixers have both xlr and rca outputs, so you should be fine there.
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