Technical question about hd's
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    Default Technical question about hd's

    I've realized how precious backups can be after losing an external drive with everything on it. I have 2 external drives at the moment one has 2 partitions time machine/music and large data storage, the second is portable and i'm going to start taking that on gigs with all my music. My question is when ever I get new tracks is that an easy way to add tracks to both HD's. Without having to drag and drop everytime I get a new track. Is time machine capable of backing up an external drive as oppose to just the internal drive of my MBP.

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    You should be able to do it with a simple shell script.

    I know Macs use a unix OS, and most of my friends have a bash, so you ought to be able to do a few lines of code to make it work.

    I could tell you exactly how to do it, but I don't spend enough time around macs to know the filesystem's structure. D:
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    SyncBack Free

    Beautiful little app for backup and sync. I use it, highly customizable and even has a lot of in depth features for network infrastructure scheduled backup and log files sort of stuff. (even gives you "simulated" runs too to see what will change before you press the button)

    I dont use it for that in depth stuff though. I just made a couple custom backup/sync processes in the super easy interface and run it everytime I pick up new tracks.

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