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    Default Remix Decks - Complementing Songs

    I recently updated to Traktor 2.6.2 which enables the Remix decks to be mapped to any controller and I've mapped my X1's to control one remix deck. However, I have no "good" content to use.

    I spin Tech House, Techno, Deep, etc and would like to have a remix deck working in a similar way to the Maschine. I mean, not Live Sequencing, but just having a few loops of Open HiHats, Closed HiHats, Claps, etc. Kind of complementing tracks...

    Where can I get this type of content? I know nothing about DAW's and I've googled for hours now and haven't found any decent content for what I am looking for...

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    vengeance producer packs are a good place to start
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