USB soundcard hot. Is this normal?
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    Default USB soundcard hot. Is this normal?

    One of my laptops died so I moved my USB soundcard to my desktop computer for awhile. Now I should mention that I have never really checked to see if the soundcard was hot while using it on the laptop. I just happened to notice it with the desktop.

    I have the soundcard plugged into a powered USB hub and I am thinking that could be the cause. I'm confused though. Shouldn't a powered USB hub just output the same amount of power as my regular USB ports that the desktop has?

    I felt the soundcard and it was quite warm. I would guess that it's not like this when using the laptop.

    The soundcard is the old school Emagic EMI 2/6.

    Before anyone says it, the desktop's other USB ports are all in use. That is why I got the hub.

    So could this be normal or not. I should also mention that a small external hard drive just died on the powered hub also. Of course hard drives go all the time, so I don't know if I can draw conclusions.

    Any thoughts?

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    Well, can you test this out by plugging it directly into your laptop and moving something else to the hub for a few days?
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    you should have the usb-soundcard directly attached to the computer anyways, id rearrange your usb devices so the soundcard goes directly into the computer and less bandwidth intensive devices are on the hub.

    what type of hub is it?

    it might be possible the hub is giving off more power then the computer usb ports do.
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