Kontrol S4 touch strip
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    Default Kontrol S4 touch strip

    Looking at the new x1 mk2 ... The power of touchstrips just makes me so jealous. However, i want the capability of that directly in my s4, not in another controller.

    Anyone out there have any idea how i would be able to do this and mod my s4? been looking at these, but have no idea how i would go about mapping it to do the same job as the touch strip in the x1... or if this is even possible?

    Any input would be really appreciated

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    I think SmiTTTen did an article on these in the DJTT blog awhile back, or maybe be was supposed to, I can't remember. Maybe shoot him a message.
    Mapping them should be fairly easy, as long as NI didn't pull any HID only functions(ala remix decks).

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    OKay awesome cheers! will do! .... Any idea how i would go about mapping them? or where i could find that information?

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    I have 4 of the Vmeters. They're fantastic. You map them just like any other MIDI device. I like using them for effects control. Use the configuration app to enable the "pressure" setting - it's a lot of fun to play with.

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    I hope touchstrips are on the menu for any upcoming new Behringer controllers...

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