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    Wink first post - trance mix

    Hello fellow djtechtoolers.. I have been a member here for a while and only posted acouple times. I thought I'd share my most recent mix with you all.
    A little background on me, my name is Raymundo and I first started djing in my house a year and a half ago on a VCI-100 special edition. I later upgraded to a S4 and midi fighter 3d. Currently on a DJM 900, an X1 and a midi fighter 3d while I save for cdjs.
    I would appreciate any feedback regarding my mix.

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    I like it.

    Mixcloud | Soundcloud | Facebook | Website(Dutch)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayvee View Post
    I like it.
    Thanks !

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    if you wrap the soundcloud tags around the link, a player magically appears. highlight the url and hit the soundcloud button.
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