Customizing on-board LED's for VCI400/DDJ SX
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    Default Customizing on-board LED's for VCI400/DDJ SX

    Is it possible? Im about to invest in a controller and a huge deciding factor for me is whether or not i can either change the color of the hardware LED's myself, or pay to have a professional do the work. I dont like the mixture of blue, orange and red lights on either controller. would love to make em all red or green/blue/purple.
    - Thanks for any feedback!! Extremely appreciated

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    you couldn't have control of the led colors on the VCI-400 so green/blue/purple is out of the question, the best you could hope for is green/blue. That is unless you wire your own board into the controller to modify the led colors. If I were you I would wait until NAMM in January... full RGB controller's have to come this season, there is nothing else to exploit in the controller world and software is already capable of utilizing it.
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