Hi everybody, this is my first post ever here, so why not start with a dj mix I recorded

A litte introduction: I live in Amsterdam and am 28 years old. I used to listen to Hip/Hop, Rap but fell in love with Minimal/Techno about 6 years ago. I've always wanted to try it for myself so last april I bought a Novation Twitch (With Serato Itch, CANT WAIT FOR SERATO DJ!!!) and have been doing some practicing. DJ Techtools has helped me a lot!

So let's cut to the chase. Here is my first mix I feel confident about to share with you guys after practicing for a while. Whilst practicing I'v done a lot of track analyzing and getting the Keys of all the tracks in my library so far.
My initial plan was to plan a set beginning to end and practice it. But I got impatient and I couldn't get in a groove.

So I started over, I just hit record and went from there. It's a mix of a litte Deep House, Minimal, Tech House and Techno. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Click here to see it on Mixcloud