(1) Whiskey (Mike Parker Remix) The Automatic Message
(2) 7 Days Before Roman Kramer
(3) Disturbance (Pfirter Remix II) Drumcell
(4) Untitled AAB (Rraph Remix) Weld
(5) Higgs Kernel Key
(6) High Castle Groof
(7) Submit (Monix Rework) Justin Schumacher
(8) Temporary Suspension Planetary Assault Systems
(9) Red Velvet (Audio Injection Remix) Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie
(10) Turn Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default
(11) Bells Of The Lost Soul RePete
(12) The Future Is Ours Jeroen Search
(13) La Haine (Jonas Kopp Remix) Dax J
(14) Mist Of 1807 Tom Dicicco