A Selection of tracks from the first 6 months of the True Hallucinations Radio Show, Tune in live every second saturday night from 22:00 (GMT +3) @ www.diceradio.gr

Zen Mechanics - Ground Control V2 [Synergetic]
Easy Riders - Rolling Stoned [HOM-Mega]
Nerso - Desert Oasis [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Lyctum - Exodus [TesseractStudio]
Elegy - Empathy [Synergetic]
Zyce & Flegma - Dimension [Blue Tunes]
Sunstryk - Ascending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix) [Goa Crops]
Vertical Mode - Push It Down (Zentura Remix) [HOM-Mega]
Side Effects - The Second LSDeep [TesseractStudio]
Gaudium - Torn Melodies [Iboga]
Sideform feat. Zyce & Flegma - Four Kings [TesseractStudio]
Zen Mechanics, Future Frequency - Naked, Stoned & Exalted [Sourcecode]
Liquid Soul - Devotion (Protoculture Remix) [Iboga]
Nerso - Timeless (Sonic Entity Remix) [Synergetic]
Zyce - Earth In The Flame (with Flegma) [Spintwist]

Connected Visions - Gateway To Another Dimension (Remix) [Ovnimoon]
Zen Mechanics - Hallucinations (Circuit Breakers Remix) [Nano]
Alchemix - Emotional Awareness [Ovnimoon]
Sinerider - Rewired (Contineum, Saga Remix) [Mutagen]
Psibindi & Mechanimal - Chromatic Space [Aphid]
ManMachine - Convergence [Ovnimoon]
Mechanimal - Abyss [Mutagen]
PsiloCybian - Backwards [Ovnimoon]
Chameleon, Earthling - Time Well Bent [Liquid]
Avalon Vs Dickster - Into The New World (Sonic Species Remix) [Nano]
Spirit Architect - Spiritual [Ovnimoon]
Everblast - Ergot [Zero One]
Aphid Moon, Contineum - Sentient Being [Mutagen]
Outsiders, Avalon - Real Deal [Digital Om]
Sonic Entity - Reality Horizon [Ovnimoon]
Ovnimoon, Via Axis - U R God (Ovnimoon Remix) [Synergetic]