Connecting Korg KP3 with Z2
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    Default Connecting Korg KP3 with Z2


    Just bought a new toy and I am not sure how to connect KP3 with Z2, I am quite confused about Z2's outputs because I have KRKs as main output and its connected via RCA cabel and not via the bigger hole in Main Output . Sorry for calling it "bigger hole" but i have no clue how is it called , anyway it's working .

    And now I dont know how to connect KP3 with Z2. If I understand it right, for KP3s input I need 2x 3.5 mm Male jack and 4x 3.5 male jack for Z2 input ?

    Thank you for help, pictures of your setup are welcomed as I perfectly need to know which cabels I have to buy .

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    Use standard RCA cables to connect the KP3 LINE OUT into a Line Input or Aux on the Z2.

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