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    Hey guys,
    So I just downloaded Ableton, and was trying to map the sound pack just to my computer keyboard. However I am having extreme difficulty. Whenever I go into midi map mode, and click the sample then the key I want, the slot that will trigger is in a higher bank and I can't seem to figure out what the heck is going on.


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    In ableton you dont midi map the keyboard. Just click the mini keyboard icon up next to where the cpu usage is. You want it to be on, in mine its yellow. Then arm the drumrack and select your computer keyboard as the input
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    How do I select it? Its not an option under the control surfaces. Also right now, some keys will trigger the banks but like higher up in the drum rack, and I can't seem to change it!

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    Use Z and X to change the octave you're playing in with your keyboard

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