This is a mix I recorded specifically to show the owner of The Absinthe House in Boulder, Colorado. It's the biggest nightclub in Boulder; its an awesome spot to go and dance to EDM. The owner specifically likes Deep House, so I wanted to make a mix that shared my taste in Deep House with him, and also to show my style of switching genres while still keeping the same vibe. So here you have my Deep Vibes Mix! Please excuse the clipping at the start of the mix.... I promise it didn't sound like that out loud, just an artifact that unfortunately ended up on the recording. Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Over Again (Cicada Extended Remix/DT Tactics Edit) - Odessi Feat. Maria Nayler
2. F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix) - Disclosure
3. Let It Go - Huxley
4. Eternal - D.I.M.
5. Higher - Destructo
6. Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix/Pleasurekraft Edit) - Josh Butler
7. When A Fire Starts To Burn - Disclosure
8. Stompa (DeSmet & Trevor Shawn Remix) - Serene Ryder
9. Running (Slick Shoota Remix) - Jessie Ware x Disclosure
10. The Saros - Archetek
11. The Saros VIP (feat. Sodie) - Archetek
12. Diffused - The Upbeats
13. Cathedral - Culture Shock
14. All Things To All Men - Hosta
15. Sleepless (RUN DMT Remix) - Flume
16. Chrysalis - RUN DMT
17. Gucci Time (Nyevz Mashup) - Mad Zach Vs. Gucci Mane