New Tune with Major Lazer type synths and a BIG Drop + DWNLD
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    Default New Tune with Major Lazer type synths and a BIG Drop + DWNLD

    Hey Y'all!
    So i just released out this new track of mine which goes by the name Kato. The synth from the break remind of the synths in Major Lazers - Watch Out For This (which is a really good song btw, check it out!) and the drop is a big electro drop with a HUGE kick and a pretty nice synth (kinda funny too). It's the second song i have released and i would be veryveryvery pleased with some feedback. There is a free download to everybody that wants, and as everyone on this forum probably knows, sharing is caring.
    So a BIG thanks to everyone who listens to the song, I really hope you like it

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    pretty good over all, think it would sound great with a sample vocal or similar to add to the build...similar to some lazer stuff..keep up the good work


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