Traktor/iTunes BPM issue I cannot solve....
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    Default Traktor/iTunes BPM issue I cannot solve....

    I've searched all over and spent about a week trying to figure out this issue. It's messing up my playlist workflow and I need some help solving it and understanding how to prevent the issue in the future. Here is my workflow for setting up new tracks:

    I use mixed in key to detect the BPM, I have a playlist set with all my new tracks, I go through and tag things in the iTunes browser such as genre that need to be changed. Once all of that is set up I import the tracks into the "Track Collection in Traktor, go through each track, set the beat grid, cue points, then lock the BPM. I often have to double up or half the BPM's in Traktor due to mixed in key analyzing some of my collection wrong. Here is where the issue arises.

    I like to use smart playlists to organize my tracks by BPM, some of the songs I doubled, however, are showing up once these smart playlists are imported. What appears to be happening is that the correct BPM i have configured in traktor is not saving to the id3 tag that is in itunes. It is saved somewhere else. So I have a song in itunes that is set to 87 BPM, but in traktor it is set to double that BPM because I needed to double it up.

    How do I go about getting the BPM's I have set in traktor to show up as these same BPM's in iTunes? I know it can be done, and I thought for the longest time that it was done automatically but that doesn't seem to be the case as I recently found out. I had a smart playlist set with BPM's between 90 and 115, everything is correct in itunes, but with incorrect BPM information. So I have some songs in that playlist in traktor with around 175 BPM.

    I have tried updating the tags in iTunes, but that didn't change the BPM to traktors BPM. The traktor BPM info is being stored elsewhere and not in the song information itself apparently.

    in other words, my iTunes tracks and my Traktor analyzed and beat gridded tracks often have different BPM's, and this is throwing everything off. How can I go about fixing it and how do I prevent this problem in the future?


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    doesn't work mate. add the bpm's in traktor to the comments and refresh iTunes (basically the same as consolidate, highlight the tracks and select "convert id3 tag" then they will show up)
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