Hello fellow DJTT members, Greetings from a noob, trying to start a DJ business. Excited to support my school and family with the help of something I have always been passionate about, but scared to try. After looking around and reading through many forums decided to sign up here and also at digitaldjtips.com. Both of these sites seem to have a lot of great information for people just starting out.

More than that DJTT seems to be have a close knit community feel with low ego's, which is great for starters like me.

Enough of that,

Me and my friend have a gig booked for next month it will be our first gig ever . I am looking for any general tips / advise that you would have liked to have known when you started out.

Currently I am a proud owner of the Pioneer DDJ SX controller. I am looking for mics and possibly speakers, does anyone have any recommendations for me? I have the chance to pick up the GTD 622H wireless mic set for $129. Are these mics good for hosting and introductions etc?

Thanks in advance for your advise and help