Bag for the Numark 4TRAK?
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    Default Bag for the Numark 4TRAK?

    Hey guys,

    I have a HUGE problem. I bought a 4TRAK a few months ago and quite happy with it, but now I want to take it with me on gigs on the road with a decent and protective backpack. Obviously my eye fell on the Numark Controller Backpack first, because it has the exact dimensions of the piece of gear. I live in Europe and trangely enough, the backpack is sold out EVERYWHERE. I called almost every store in Europe to see if they got one left. I even mailed Numark but their poor customer support didn't even answer. Now I'm looking for a decent, protective & obviously fitting bag, but big players like UDG don't even have one. U guys have any suggestions on which bag to buy? I encountered the DJC-SC5 from Pioneer on my search, but don't know if it will fit due to the seperate FX-unit that the 4TRAK offers.

    Plz guys I'm desperate :'(

    grtz, from Belgium,

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    Hey dude!

    id suggest the magma bag xxl, about 50euros or so

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