I've been searching for the right gear for a long time now, and I really just want to get something and start Djing. I have narrowed what I want down to four setup options, but can't decide from there... The NI Maschine mikro mk2 is in all of these because I'm also interested in production (already have an m-audio axiom 49) and I thought I might as well map it out to use as a controller. I plan on mainly playing hip hop, but I would likely mix in various electronic genres. My absolute max budget not including the maschine is $500. Cost is important.

(1) Traktor S2 ($399), Maschine mikro mk2 ($349)

(2) Z1 ($199), denon sc2000 ($215-$250), Maschine mikro mk2 ($349)

(3) numark mixtrack (original) ($130-$150), dj i/0 interface ($72), maschine mikro mk2 ($349)

(4) numark mixtrack pro 2 ($250), maschine mikro mk2 ($349)

I plan on using traktor software, but I wouldn't be against using serato or something else... I don't want to drop a lot of money on something that I will grow out of fast. The benefit of the expensive option with the denon sc2000 is I could buy another sc2000 in the future and get a better mixer if I wanted. I want something that I can learn on, but can also take to a gig later and not be laughed at for using. Also, if anything here is due for a new model soon, buying advice would be appreciated. Thanks.