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    i am not a mobile dj but i do have a lot of house partys. Here is what i have at the moment 2 kam led quadtrix and kam mood cluster laser . What i am wondering is there any other lights i should get and should i dmx them if so what do i need ?


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    The only thing that sucks about dmx is that most people assume you can have it still be controlled by the sound and then choose the colors or strobe or what have you but thats just not the case. It takes a lot of programming and being skilled with a lighting board to have the lights work well with the music via dmx.

    Id say get some par lighting and maybe work on projectors? Thats where Im at, I have 2 adj quad phases and a chauvet o beast, Im now looking at accent lighting light par cans and projecting things onto the stage or onto a canvas behind us while djing or something.

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