Warming up at a mainstream event
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    Hey guys !

    So i've done quite a lot of gigs and openers. I am more of an underground DJ but i still do mainstream events.

    I've always had some problems handling the warming up of a mainstream event. Where i live, the "average" person is pretty intolerant to anything that is not top 40. And they need to be drunk to enjoy remixes. So it is kinda hard to start the groove with more obscure stuff. Normally i play some less known or older hip hop reccords, then jump of to classics and mainstream songs remixed into pure/tech house. Then i try to make it last the longest possible in order to keep the most known songs for later. But it is kinda hard.

    Do you have any tips in order to make a better warming up set ?

    In two days i have another of these kind of gig, it is for university students, and i start at 5 P.M. until 1 A.M. It is so long that i was thinking of literally putting a playlist for the first two hours of rock classics and stuff like that, as it is a ... pledge i think it is called in english ? Like a party for the new students ? And i guess it will just be background music while they get drunk real fast. And i guess 8 hour of electronic music might be a bit too much for the average guy...

    What do you think ?

    Thank you very much

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    get something that will get the ladies to shake their ass.

    start out with some hip hop, then move onto house, but with hip hop vocals layered over top.

    something like

    you cannot go wrong with this mix, it really gets em going!!

    then you can just move on to EDM

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    Be Faithful. For some reason nothing gets people more hype than a 15 year old record of Fatman Scoop yelling at them. No lie though, Be Faithful is a guilty pleasure of mine - AV8/Crooklyn used to put out some bangers back in the day. Hell, they still put out some dope mainstream mashups/remixes although admittedly Crooklyn Clan is now just a catch-all term for top-40's club mashup artists that produce under the label, not just Sizzahands and DJ-Riz.

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    Thank you very much for your answers I've tried to include more "booty shaking" stuff to my set and the ladies loved it - as i included some rap/old house classic and it went surprisingly well !

    Have a good day !

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