Get the great and out there now or wait on the new shiny?
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    Default Get the great and out there now or wait on the new shiny?

    The 4midiloop controller pretty much pushes all my buttons and ticks all my boxes. I love the build etc too, already use Faderfoxes so I know pretty much what I'd be getting too. I generally use 2 decks but 4 now and again and having such full control without Shift/switching would be sweeeet. The cash isn't a problem after working my butt off and also selling a bunch of stuff...basically feel I deserve it...or something anyway! So, the question I hit 'buy' and get on with it OR ....hang on and wait and see what NI will supposedly also bring out or the little something I know another maker has lined up for release too? I'd almost risk buying the 4midiloop now and then seeing what else comes out then re-selling if it seemed worth it...or is that just my G.A.S. talking? What would you do?

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    Wait till after bpm show this weekend or next and see what's new.
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