just some quick basement practice. mind the occasional skipping, I need to rewire my turntables and get new styli. first thing I've bothered to record in a long time so it'd be great to hear some feedback on it. thanks in advance.

rane mp2016 + xp2016
technics SL1200
ortonfon concorde pro s
traktor scratch A6


birds making machine - birds making machine
moodtrap - 04.01
traffic signs - the big fake
martin buttrich - what is your name?
trentemoller - moan (remix)
mihai popoviciu - over you
pitto - feelin' (joris voorn can't cick this feelin' when it hits mix)
mymy - southbound
sable sheep - torn to pieces
christian burkhardt - kreiskollaps (federico molinari remix)
the phantom - piano moods
martin landsky - let it snow
md3 - pressure cooker (pressure moan mix)
pavel petrov - out!
detroit swindle - sometimes
mr. v, chris minus - the end