I need your suggestions for my room
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    Default I need your suggestions for my room

    Hey guys,

    I am finally getting all the pieces together to my setup and it is growing and I am improving with Djing and Producing. I am getting ready to buy some more stuff though and I figured I would get some advise from some of you guys who have more experience and knowledge. So my specs will be listed below...

    Gear: Kontrol S2, Macbook Pro, Maschine Mk2, Ipad, M-Audio AV30's, AIAIAI headphones and the will to learn :P
    Room size: 12'x14'x7.5'
    Software: Traktor Pro, Maschine, Massive.

    So I am in need of a good 49-61 key midi keyboard, probably some bigger/better monitors and some insulation, I guess you guys will be able to tell me what else. I have been using my s2 as a soundcard which works pretty well so I have no complaint about that but I would be up for a low budget soundcard or solution.

    What I need your advise on: A good but cheap 49-61 midi keyboard, good monitors for my room size, what sound insulation I should invest in and anything else you have to say!

    Jack Hoesterey

    P.S. If you need clarification just type it and I will get back to you ASAP.

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    Put insulation at the bottom of your list. Just have furniture in your room, and curtains on your windows
    The walls in my studio are bare, and it doesnt affect the sound enough that I can notice it.

    Axiom pro for the keyboard. Awesome keyboard for sure, and everything you need.
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    Unless your an avid piano player, a 25key will do fine, 49-61 you're just wasting your cash

    Akai and Axiom Pro are top

    Ive got an M audio oxygen25V3, does me perfect.

    Monitor wise it depends what you want, if you want a clean flat sound, Yamaha HS80M, If you like a little more kick, Rockit 6 or 8's

    Insulation, put some between your monitors and your table, that should be suffice for now
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