just wanted to give thanks to everyone at djtechtools and all its forum members
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    Default just wanted to give thanks to everyone at djtechtools and all its forum members

    Everyone here in the forum and on the site have always been nothing but helpful. I dont post on the forum often but I do read through a lot and have always been able to get a good answer for any questions I've had. This site and forum has give me a lot of inspiration and I don't think I could have started djing without it. I started djing about 2 years ago now and still have so much more to Learn and experience. I may not have played at any clubs but I simply enjoy djing for myself and friends. I even got my first-ever tattoo as the pause-play buttons B-). So I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything you've done for myself and I'm sure many more people. I finally wanted to give the site some long over due thanks.

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    It is a good forum. 2 years deep man, you should be good enough for the club. Get a job in a nightclub and start worming your way in, it's one of the best and guaranteed ways of doing it.
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    Right on brother, keep it up.
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