hey DJTT Edit your Z-index in the CSS for the blog area
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    Default hey DJTT Edit your Z-index in the CSS for the blog area

    Hey mr Dj Techtools. in css code for the blog area there is a call that assigns the "Z-index" for things on the pages.
    For example, there is one for the menu, there is one for the different parts of the page layout
    There is also one for the LIGHTBOX function you assigned when we click pictures in the blog.

    When we click a pic, the image loads ON TOP of all other things on the page when its a lightbox
    with the new site design it seems, lightbox does not load higher than FLASH items on the same page.

    Here is a screen shot to show you whats up


    As youll notice i am reading the article
    Kontrol S2 & S4 MK2: New Traktor DJ Compatible Controllers

    and i clicked on this image

    but instead of it diming the entire page to a background, and moving itself in a lightbox layered above ALL other items, its still covered by anything FLASH based on the page.

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    Thanks for the bug report antifmradio! We'll get it fixed ASAP.

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